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Hernán Guarderas

Writer & Editor

Hernán Guarderas is a journalist, writer, and editor available for hire. He is passionate about comics, science fiction, and fantasy. 

He has written for Power & Magic Press' Mañana Anthology and edited Crash & Troy and Fog Line. His journalistic endeavors have appeared in Talking Comics, Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, and other publications. He has won an NJSPJ award for his work with the New Brunswick Today and was an Editorial Intern at Marvel Entertainment.

He currently lives in New Jersey where he is freelance writing and editing while working on his own original projects.  

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Articles, Interviews & Comics

A house in the suburbs

The Suburbs Grew Teeth

In 2008, while most people were asleep, the houses woke up and began their feast. They made meals out of everyone, but some survived to rough it in the wild. 

Paul, wracked with the guilt of not doing more on that night, has visions that he must return to the very place he lost everything--his home.


The Alpha Decision

Daniel Alarcón is dead. Fortunately, for him, he has a decision to make now; die his final death or have his consciousness uploaded into the world of Alpha forever. 

A story published by Power & Magic Press in their Mañana Anthology with art by Rosa Colón. It is available upon request. 

Shadows in the Smoke.jpg

Shadows in the Smoke

Little Red Riding Hood meets The Twilight Zone

A five-page horror/fairy tale featuring Cassian, a Latinx boy, followed home by a monster made of smoke after school.

QueenofBad Dreams_Cover_edited.jpg

Chase After a Runaway Figment of Your Imagination in QUEEN OF BAD DREAMS

This is an interview conducted by Hernán with the creative team behind Queen of Bad Dreams published  by Vault Comics. 


Comic Book Resources Listicles

These are listicles written for Comic Book Resources that generated millions of views with pop culture trivia ranging from comic books to paranormal television shows.

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